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JULY 8, 2010

About Radiant Well-Being



It’s a Greek word: Eudaimonia (pronounced “yoo-day-mo-NEE-ah”). Roughly translated it means “happiness,” but the more accurate interpretation, according to Wikipedia, is “human flourishing.” I think it pretty much sums up what we all hope to attain, don’t you?

We are born with the opportunity to reach our highest potential. However, sometimes, things get in the way – circumstance, disease, and other obstacles can hamper our ability to live life fully and achieve the mission each of us is here to fulfill.

In my experiences with aging maturing, parenting, and dealing with the challenges that life brings; I have discovered ways to help myself and my family reach a higher level of well-being – of Eudaimonia (say it out loud – it even makes your mouth feel good!). Even when obstacles crop up, we are better equipped to handle them because of what we have put into practice, including:

Tried and tested ways to give babies the rest and routine they need, and in the process give parents more time and peace of mind

How to cultivate both authority and compassion in your parenting so that children can relax, behave, and develop in age-appropriate ways

Activities to engage children’s imaginations, foster their creativity, and encourage their development

Ideas for creating a peaceful, balanced, and healthful home environment

Resources that offer the opportunity to identify and celebrate your true self and your life’s mission

These methods are not particularly complicated. They don’t require a ton of money or time – getting regular doses of fresh air (link to post) is a perfect example. Some of them come from ancient traditions, and others are new discoveries. They range from the practical to the profound. I’ve learned about them from all kinds of resources– books, seminars, travel, the process of raising children, the internet, friends, strangers at the grocery store…you get the picture. I continue to seek new ideas and hope you’ll share yours too.

While I don’t claim to have any magic bullets, I can vouch for the effectiveness of these relatively simple methods and strategies towards enhancing well-being, creating more balance, and expressing the radiance of body, mind and spirit that is everyone’s birthright.


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    Rebecca is for real. She really and truly lives what she writes and photographs. She and her family are the real deal and are exactly as radiantly beautiful as you see them. I have vastly enriched my health and delight simply from learning from her and her family in their true life.

    People are hungry to know what Rebecca knows and have the the same quality of family life, vibrant health and happiness she has. People constantly ask her how to do the same for themselves and their families

    Rebecca is savy, practical, light-hearted and fun! She is known far and wide as a “Smart Cookie” because she is gifted in discerning and researching brilliant knowledge and consolidating it into useable and life-enhancing practice for us. She knows what we all want to know. She makes it simply doable, satisfyingly fun, and effective!

    No one is more authentic than Rebecca. Here is where to discover genuine gems to make living rich. Her Fresh Air and Porridge site is a rare find of true treasures.

    POSTED ON: AUGUST 11, 2010


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